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1. Am I in the city limits?
2. Why do I need a building permit to do work on my own property?
3. Why can’t an inspector tell me how to build something?
4. Who can do the work?
5. Why does the City do inspections?
6. Why are some inspections performed in groups?
7. Is my city contractor’s license current?
8. How do I get a gas meter release?
9. How do I get an electric meter release?
10. How do I schedule an inspection?
11. Can I get a same day inspection?
12. What was the result of my inspection?
13. What is the timeline for getting a building permit?
14. How much does a permit cost?
15. What codes does the City of Sapulpa use?
16. What are the requirements for fences?
17. Is a permit needed to fix or replace a roof?
18. When is a Certificate of Occupancy required as part of a building permit?
19. What plans should be submitted with a commercial permit application?
20. How do I check the balance of my escrow account?