What does the Stormwater Utillity Fee pay for?
The Stormwater Utility Fee pays for many services including, but not limited to:
Repairs, maintenance, and/or upgrades to the municipal storm sewer system, including regional detention, ditches and culverts (land, labor, equipment, materials);
Street sweeping;
Watershed pollution prevention measures;
Creek monitoring and watershed characterization (including field test kits);
Lab Fees;
Construction site inspections;
Illicit discharge inspections, equipment and supplies (including televising infrastructure);
Sediment & Erosion Control Permit reviews;
Drainage ditch clearing, re-grading and maintenance;
Administrative requirements (permitting, management plan development, enforcement);
Public education and participation procedures (enviroscape, educational materials and booths, storm drain marking program);
Creek cleanup events;
GIS and mapping services;
Street curbing and guttering; and
Hazardous/non-hazardous spill emergency containment and cleanup services

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