Why is stormwater management so important?
Without a stormwater collection system, every rainstorm could turn into a flood. Sapulpa’s Stormwater Management Program has responsibility for operating, maintaining and improving an extensive system of open waterways and enclosed storm sewer lines. This system exists to collect the rainwater that runs off yards, roofs, streets and parking lots and carry it away from neighborhoods to the area’s creeks and streams.

The Sapulpa Stormwater Management Program not only focuses on water quantity, but also water quality. Water pollution degrades surface waters making them unsafe for drinking, fishing, swimming, and other activities. As stormwater flows across a surface, it picks up and carries any pollutants that were present on that surface. When a large surface area drains to a creek, it can accumulate a lot of pollutants! Maintaining good water quality in Sapulpa’s creeks and streams is important for preserving healthy creek habitats and ecosystems. The City of Sapulpa is permitted with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality for stormwater discharges. This gives the City of Sapulpa ultimate responsibility for the water quality of stormwater discharges from the City of Sapulpa.

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1. What is Stormwater?
2. Why is stormwater management so important?
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