Fire Prevention Division


The Fire Prevention Division is staffed by two experienced, full-time personnel. This division is responsible for a wide range of activities that make the community a safer place in which to work, shop, and live.
​ These activities include commercial plan reviews, fire safety inspections, fire safety education, and fire investigations. The Fire Prevention Division is charged with conducting fire and life safety inspections to protect our community and the lives of our citizens through enforcement of the laws and regulations governing fire safety. This Division also absorbed what was formerly known as the Hazmat Division in 2015.

​ Commercial Plan Reviews

​Commercial plan reviews are performed on all construction projects in the city to ensure requirements of the International Fire Code. The Fire Prevention Division and/or Fire Protection Consulting Inc. reviews all site plans, commercial construction plans, commercial remodels, fire protection plans, plans for the installation of storage tanks, and subdivision plans prior to construction or installation. The goal is to identify and correct problems while they can be easily and inexpensively corrected. Members of the Fire Prevention Division performs inspections on projects frequently during the construction phase.

​ Fire Safety Inspections

​ The Fire Prevention Division conducts fire safety inspections throughout the year. Pre-fire planning walk-throughs are also conducted by in-service fire companies. A strong effort is made to have every business in the city inspected on an annual basis by either the Fire Prevention Division or an in service fire company. The purpose of these inspections is to identify and correct hazardous conditions before they cause a fire or otherwise create a problem. These inspections are how we help to ensure that properties are maintained, exit doors are unlocked and operable and safety issues are addressed.

​ Fire Investigations

​ Fire investigations are conducted by an on-call member of the Fire Prevention Division. Both division members are trained in fire investigation and evidence processing. This division conducts investigations into both criminal and non-criminal fire causes and conditions. The fire investigators work closely with the Sapulpa Police Department Detective Division.