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"Welcome to the Sapulpa City Attorney's home page. It has been my honor and privilege to serve my hometown as City Attorney since 1999. Although I cannot represent individual citizens with legal problems, I am happy to answer questions about Sapulpa’s city government and the ordinances passed by the City Council. If I may be of service, please do not hesitate to call me at 918-248-5921."

-David R. Widdoes, Sapulpa City Attorney

         David R. Widdoes is a native of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, where he graduated high school in 1982. In 1986, David received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (with distinction) from the University of Central Oklahoma, where he was part of UCO’s nationally competitive NDT debate program. In 1989, David received his Juris Doctor (with distinction) from Oklahoma City University School of Law, where he attended as Hatton W. Sumners Scholar and was inducted into The Order of Barristers after earning American Jurisprudence Awards for excellence in Contracts, Civil Procedure, Oil & Gas and Criminal Law.
         After a successful seven year association with an Oklahoma City firm, Mr. Widdoes returned home to Sapulpa in 1996 to establish his private practice: The Law Offices of David R. Widdoes, PLLC. Since 1999, David has been honored to represent the City of Sapulpa as its City Attorney. In his capacity as Sapulpa City Attorney, as to the City, Mr. Widdoes acts as its chief legal advisor and represents the City in court and arbitration proceedings, including actions arising from violations of the City Charter, City Code or other ordinances of the City. In addition, Mr. Widdoes is responsible for advising the City Council and City Manager and issuing various opinions to the Mayor, as well as drafting, reviewing and/or approving all contracts, resolutions, and ordinances submitted to the City Council for adoption.
         During his legal career, Mr. Widdoes has represented a variety of prominent enterprises and individuals with special focus on complex litigation, governmental regulatory compliance, labor, employment, real estate, communications, and business. Reported decisions include: Shamrock Drilling Fluids Inc. v. Miller, 32 F.3d 455 (10th Cir. 1994); ARW Exploration Corp. v. Aguirre, 45 F.3d 1455 (10th Cir. 1995); and Schooley v. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc., 107 F.3d 21, 1997 WL 45271 (10th Cir. 1997). Since 2005, David has also enjoyed sharing his experience as an adjunct professor of Criminal Evidence for the Criminal Justice Degree program at Tulsa Community College.  

         David and his wife, Gloria, have been married 20 years and have two daughters they enjoy raising in Sapulpa.

General Duties of the Office of the City Attorney for Sapulpa

In accordance with the Sapulpa City Code, the City Attorney is appointed by and reports to City Council. The general duties of the Office of the City Attorney include: 

  • Determining the legality of all proposed resolutions, ordinances, contracts, deeds, and instruments in writing whatsoever, which may be required by any ordinance or order of the City Council, or when, by law, usage or agreement, the preparation of such instrument is to be at the expense of the City;     
  • To give advice and all necessary legal counsel to the City Council and other officers and employees of the City concerning their duties, and matters and questions pertaining to such duties, whenever required;
  • Advises the Mayor, City Manager, and City Council regarding legal matters affecting the City;
  • Attends various board, commission, and City Council meetings to advise on legal problems and questions;
  • To defend any and all suits or proceedings instituted against the City;
  • To institute and prosecute all suits or proceedings commenced by the City;
  • To render such other legal service as the City Council may require; and
  • The City Attorney's office also prosecutes all cases in the Municipal Court and Municipal Juvenile Court.

Additional Information

The Office of the City Attorney cannot provide legal advice or service to citizens in private matters, nor is the office permitted to make referrals to citizens for private attorneys.

Other Legal Services
In addition to the other duties prescribed by law, the city attorney shall render legal services to the officers and employees of the City in all suits, actions, and proceedings brought against them as defendants, other than those involving violations of the criminal laws of the state and penal ordinances of the City, in which the City has an interest when there is no conflict between the City's interest and that of any such officer and employee and the subject matter of the suit, action, or proceeding arose during and out of the scope of the employment of such officer or employee and during the hours prescribed for performing such services.


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