Business Climate

Even if you've never imagined you or your business locating in Oklahoma, we invite you to consider Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The business climate in Sapulpa, may surprise you. Prime location, vital logistics, less taxation, and better incentives all combine to connect Sapulpa businesses with real opportunities. The city is characterized by an open attitude toward quality development. Immediately adjacent to Tulsa, Sapulpa offers the advantages of a portal city for traffic approaching Tulsa from either the southwest or the west.

Connected to Everywhere

Sapulpa is centrally located less than 4 hours from the geographic center of the 48 states and less than 3 hours from the population center of the United States. Most population growth in the U.S. is occurring in the South and West, meaning locating in Oklahoma makes sense for the long-term. Located in the Heart of Route 66, Sapulpa provides a nostalgic stop for residents and tourists alike. With the renewed interest in traveling America's "Mother Road", Sapulpa provides a variety of commercial opportunities for those traveling Route 66 through Oklahoma.
Creek County Courthouse

Better Incentives

Oklahoma offers numerous incentives and programs to encourage development, and has been consistently ranked as a business-friendly state by leading research firms. In fact, a 2006 study by Pollina Corporate Real Estate ranked Oklahoma's economic development services 3rd in the nation and ranked the state in the Top 15 Pro-Business states overall.

Sapulpa believes in judicious application of incentives to encourage growth of the city. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to incentive packages or to development in general. However, we do have a comprehensive array of economic development tools ready to be applied to the right project. To review the many incentive opportunities provided by the State of Oklahoma, please view the Oklahoma Business Incentives and Tax guide.

Taxation & Cost of Doing Business

Oklahoma ranks 42nd in the nation in its per capita state and local tax burden. Put another way, the average Oklahoman pays $627 less in total state and local taxes in a year than the national average. Oklahoma's per capita corporate income taxes are 5th lowest in the nation. Read more about Oklahoma's successful business climate.

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