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The City of Sapulpa's “New” Senior Citizen's Community Center

Our new Senior Citizens Community Center is located at 515 E. Dewey. (The old Sertoma Building) . The City recently acquired the facility for the Community's older adults program. 

Our new Senior Citizen's Community Center is currently undergoing a complete remodeling process and is scheduled to open to the public Spring of 2008. 

Call our staff at 224-3300 or 227-5151 or 224-5770 for further information.

We also offer a variety of programs and activities for the elderly and handicapped populations.  The Community Center also provides and conducts recreation programs and activities for adults as well.

The Greying of America -

The elderly population will increase by 80 percent over the next 25 years.  While the elderly population (age 65 and older) is projected to more than double to nearly 82 million by 2050, the oldest old population (age 85 and older) is projected to quadruple by 2050. 

The oldest baby boomers will be 65 in 2011, and the youngest will be 65 in 2029.  The aging of the population will also encourage smart growth.   As baby boomers get older, there will be an increased demand for communities, which are more pedestrian-friendly with residential and commercial areas in closer proximity to one another in order to decrease the need for driving.  Senior Citizens are active voters. Therefore, they constitute a politically powerful group of people.

This power will continue to grow as the percentage of the population who are elderly grows in the next few decades.   The “aging of America” is an important issue fast approaching us all.  Policy-makers will be certain to hear from and be smart to take notice of the needs and desires of this group of people.