Why am I charged a Stormwater Utility Fee on my utility bill?
In 1991, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed regulations aimed at curbing the pollution of stormwater runoff. Contaminated stormwater runoff was known to be a major contributor to pollution of surface waters throughout the country. Contamination can result from exposure of storm water to materials such as fuels, chemicals, raw materials, fertilizers, pesticides, and wastes. It can also result from dirt and debris accumulated on streets and in municipal storm sewer systems (MS4). Under this regulation, municipalities with populations over 100,000 were required to develop programs to minimize storm water pollution entering theMS4s. In 2005, smaller municipalities and "urbanized areas" came under similar regulations called the Phase II Stormwater Program. Municipally-owned facilities that engage in activities that might threaten to contaminate storm water must comply with these regulations.

The City of Sapulpa was issued a Storm Water Discharge permit with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) on October 27, 2006. This permit requires the development and implementation of an educational, operating and maintenance program to control storm water pollution through:
1. Public Education and Outreach;
2. Public Participation and Involvement;
3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination;
4. Construction Site Run-Off Control;
5. Post-Construction Management; and
6. Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations.

The requirements of the Stormwater Management Program were federally mandated, but neither the State of Oklahoma nor the federal government provided a funding source. The Stormwater Utility Fee was implemented to cover the federally mandated requirements.

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