Aquatic Center Rates & Rentals

Prior to April 15, register/apply for Season Passes, Birthday Parties, Private Parties/Group Rentals, and Swimming Lessons in-person at the Parks Administration Office (515 E Dewey, Sapulpa) then pay in-person at City Hall (425 E Dewey, Sapulpa).

After April 15, register and pay in-person at the Aquatic Center (701 N Brown, Sapulpa) during Office Hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, closed for lunch 1-2pm). Registrations and financial transactions cannot be completed via phone or electronic communication.

Entrance Fee:   

  • Required for entrance into Aquatic Center for all persons older than 3 years old, whether or not patron swims
  • $4.00 Per person General Session (3 years and under free)
  • $3.00 Lap Swim - Monday thru Thursday, 7:30am - 11am & 6pm - 7pm
  • $3.00 Twilight Swim - Last hour of general session Sunday - Saturday 12 Noon - 6pm
  • $4.00 Sensory Swim - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am - 12 Noon, Music and water features will be off, participants can stay after 12 Noon for General session..
  • Group of 100+ During Business Hours: $3.00 per person (3 years and under free)

Locker Rentals:

  $1.00 per day

Swim Lessons Rates:

 $40 per session per child  •  $5 Discount if registered before May 1

Season Pass:

  • Individual Entrance Pass: $100 ($10 Discount if purchased prior to May 1st) Assigned to an individual person
  • Individual Lap Pass: $50 ($10 discount if purchased prior to May 1st) Unlimited entrance during Lap Swim, assigned to an individual person
  • Family Pass: $200 for four entrance passes + $25 for additional children ($20 Discount on package of four if purchased prior to May 1st, no discounts on additional children) Assigned to individual people
  • Punch Card: $35 - 10-Entry pass, not assigned to an individual person

Birthday Parties

  • 2 Hours, $150 for groups of 10 children + $15 for any additional children
  • Includes $4.00 admission for 10 children + admission for 3 adults + slice of pizza or nachos or hot dog per person + drink per person + ice cream bar for all children
  • Group may bring in a birthday/celebration cake, but no other outside food or drinks are allowed.
  • A "Birthday Party" reservation must be made and paid-in-full two weeks in advance to receive party-specific amenities (food, drink, etc.)
  • No refunds for cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance.

Private Party / Group Pool Rentals

Size Group Cost per Hour Cost per Person
Small Group (Up to 50 people) $150 per hour (2 hours minimum)
 $6/person average
Medium Group (51-100 people) $250 per hour (2 hours minimum)
 $5/person average
Large Group (101-200 people)
$450 per hour (2 hours minimum)
 $4.50/person average
Business/Corporate Group (201-400 People)
$750 per hour (2 hours minimum) 
 $3.61/person average
  • Available Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings after public swim hours (i.e. 6pm).
  • All fees due at time of reservation.
  • No refunds for cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance.
  • Pool concession open only upon request at time of reservation.
  • Aquatic Center staffing will vary based on size of rental party and shall be adjusted by the Aquatic Center at any time to maintain required safety ratios.