Building Inspections

Public Safety & Consumer Protection
The city of Sapulpa requires building, sign, and trade permits to be issued by the Building Inspection Department following an application and review process. Inspections are performed by the city's Building Inspection official to assure that current construction activities are being met by state and locally adopted building and trade code standards. Permits and inspections are critical 
to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. This processes also provides peace of mind to all citizens that current construction projects are being done by qualified individuals and corporations. And also in compliance with codes that were designed to protect lives and properties along with promoting a safe quality living and working conditions.Building Inspection staff also issue occupational licenses for trade contractors doing work within the city limits - as well as mover's permits for oversized loads to firms moving large vessels upon city streets. 
Permits & Licenses
Property owners or general contractors can submit a building permit application. Applications can be submitted in person at the Building Inspection office, located in the Sapulpa City Hall Annex Building, 424 E. Hobson Ave. (directly north of Sapulpa's main City Hall Building) or online by completing the applicable form and attaching all required documents. Permits for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work are separate from a building permit and must be requested by contractors currently licensed by the State and registered with the City. Payment of the $125 registration fee must be received before any contractor license can be processed. Contractor licenses are valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year (or part thereof). 

Building Inspections
With the exception of minor repairs and adjustments, most electrical, plumbing and mechanical work performed in the city limits must be done by a currently licensed and registered contractor. In most cases, permits and inspections are required. 

Required inspections are performed during different phases of construction. In most cases, inspections requested before 9:00 am will be performed that business day. Inspections can be requested 24/7/365 by calling 918-248-5910 or via email

Certificates of Occupancy included as a part of residential and commercial building permits are performed as a part of the final inspection process and are approved when all trade and zoning code requirements are completed - as well as any project-specific requirements included as a part of the building permit. It is a violation of City ordinance to occupy a building before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued (if one is required). 

Penalties and Fines
For individuals failure to obtain proper permits, inspections, or licenses prior to beginning work may receive a minimum fine of double permit and inspection fees. Other penalties may result in Municipal Court citations with maximum fines of $249 for each day the violation continues. It is always best to first verify permissions through the Building Inspection's office prior to starting work on a construction project.  

Downloadable Applications