Public Works

Sapulpa's infrastructure, its streets and curbs, storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, hydrants, pumping stations and cemetery (all the behind-the-scenes equipment and structures that form the physical backbone of the City), are in the care of the employees of Sapulpa's Public Works Department.

 The City of Sapulpa Public Works Department provides many of the fundamental services required to keep a community running smoothly. Our work is often behind the scenes, so you may not even think about us until we’re repairing a street in front of your workplace, maintaining a sewer line in front of your home, or sweeping debris off City Streets. 

 Several different departments comprise the Public Works Department.  The following is a list of departments with the Public Works Department and some of the services they provide:
The City of Sapulpa Street Department is responsible for maintaining the condition of city streets as well as the maintenance of traffic control signs, signals, and city-owned parking lots.  

Utility Maintenance
The City of Sapulpa Utility Maintenance Department maintains city water and sewer lines.  

The City of Sapulpa Stormwater Department sweeps city streets and keeps water inlets clear of debris. 

The City of Sapulpa Stormwater Management Department is charged with assuring that stormwater flows properly and that the stormwater that flows into the storm sewer system is clean. Sapulpa’s storm sewer system consists of many pipes, ditches and channels that drain water from streets and highways eventually to Polecat Creek. The Stormwater Management Department performs regular cleaning and maintenance of the City’s storm sewer system to ensure that stormwater flows properly. Routine street sweeping, inspections and field screening ensure that the pollutants collected during a storm event are minimized. 

Water Treatment Pant
The City of Sapulpa Water Treatment Plant is responsible for providing quality water for our citizens while the Wastewater Treatment Plant takes care of city sewage.  

The City of Sapulpa Cemetery Staff provides burial spaces and services as needed.

Across our department, you’ll find individuals who have a long track record with the City of Sapulpa Public Works Department and enjoy working together. We foster a culture of stewardship and service to the community, and we’re here to help you.